Inauguration on the 13 August 2004

Honor Guard of the Luxembourg Army
Royal Air Forces Association Branch

speech :
Mayor of Weiswampach
Mister Henri Rinnen

unveiling ceremony:
Court Marshal
Mister Jean-Jacques Kasel

Ministry of Tourism
Managerial Adviser John Schadeck
Embassy Englang
Ambassador James Clark
Embassy New Zeeland
Ambassador Wade Amstrong
Embassy Canada
Responsible business Alain Hausser
Royal Air Force
Air Marshal Philip Sturley

Mister Meyer Michel

laying of wreath:
The Mayor and the Court Marshal
Ambassador England
Ambassador New Zeeland
Delegate Canada
Royal Air Forces

ringing and hymns:
Music Company Weiswampach and Ouren
Last Post - Reveille
Anthem England
Anthem New Zeeland
Anthem Canada
Anthem Luxembourg